Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fake MLM Proof of Concept

What I set out to do is find the common denominators of most if not all Multi Level Marketing Companies and concepts. Figure out what makes them the same, and what makes the concept work and not work. And finally with all of the information gathered create a proof of concept that looks, sounds and would act just like a normal Multi Level Marketing company, the only difference is I am not trying to take your money.

What do all MLM companies have in common, the first things that come to mind are Product(s), Sponsorship Tree, Profits, Costs, Training, Legal Stuff. Most commonly the approach does not start with any of that, the first thing is almost always to "Build a dream". Basically, getting the Prospect to want more money, for whatever reason. Fast cars, long vacations, big homes well you get the Idea. To make you the prospect want something you think you can't have doing what you do now.

Now that you are drooling over this late model, Italian Sports car and 6 month vacation in the tropics that some guy just won last month because he is making so much money with this thing, its time to move on to step 2. How much money can you make? You can make more money every month than the average person earns in a lifetime, all you have to do is Sell this product and buy some for yourself so people trust you. Don't know how to sell? That's OK too, because the company also provides a state of the art self paced, home study course that teaches you how to sell their products and services to everyone. All that for a nominal fee. That sounds easy enough, Right?

You might be wondering, how does selling this stuff all the time make it where I can go on indefinite vacations whenever I want. Easy, you don't have to do it alone. Just present this same opportunity to everyone you know, and are related to, and everyone you meet from now until you die. And the best part is, everyone will like you because you are offering the this really great way to make money. In fact to really feel like a champ, you can go out and meet people on purpose, whenever you want. More simply, you tell a few people, and they tell a few more people, and so on. That is until everyone on the planet is buying stuff from you, indirectly, and you are making more money than Donald Trump.

Whoa, whoa, whoa how does that work? Isn't that Illegal? It used to be, but not any more, because you sell products. If there were no products that you were required to buy and sell then yes, that would be illegal, those are called pyramid schemes. Made popular by Charles Ponzi around 1920. So to buy and sell your own stuff at least once a month just to keep everything legal. Just for the record, this is not an attempt to skirt the law but a legitimate way to help people like you make money that you didn't even know you needed.

What makes the training so state of the are is, there are meetings where you are encouraged to buy books and audio materials, and the books and audio materials encourage you to go to meetings. It is as self paced as a run away tread mill and you are strongly encouraged to keep buying stuff even if you are not using it, because someone in you expansive organization might need it one day, so it's always good to have on hand.

To maximize profits, balance your sponsorship tree and do your best to keep the number of active people in each leg about the same. Make sure to work hardest in the smallest areas to get them up to size. after all you don't want anyone working with you that's not making any money right? The best part about the training is, if you are in a good MLM one day if you work long and hard you too can get a training bonus and earn a percentage of all the money spent on training materials sold to your group. Another gold mine for you to promote, even before you get that bonus.

To be fair, some of these companies focus more on the products they offer and less on group building, and that's great. Normally products wind up way down here at the bottom of the whole business, where they don't draw to much attention. If you ask around the products are great, possibly the best ever made. Be sure you will pay a premium price for these super high quality wares and you better believe they are worth every penny.

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